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Case Study


Key Tech



HEDGD OMS is a modern cloud hosted order management system built around a CQRS and event sourced core. Our primary goal with HEDGD OMS was to create a tool which would help individuals at hedge funds and asset managers collaborate on their order flow and enable them to do their best work.

Free text orders, a Kanban based workflow, comments, and a FIX enabled mobile app were amongst the app’s many innovative features. Not to mention the ding! of new orders hitting the trading desk.

HEDGD OMS runs on desktop and mobile via our web app, and on iOS via a hybrid app which provides a customised experience. Our app makes extensive use of Vue.js to provide dynamic updates to the UI as orders progress.

We’re currently focused on HARKSTER, but if you’re interested in how the OMS can take your business forward get in touch.


HEDGD OMS CQRS Architecture

The internal architecture of HEDGD OMS is split into two distinct parts, the domain and the read model. The domain follows a DDD philosophy exposing a number of business aggregates which service user requests via commands and command handlers.

We used event sourcing as a means to store and maintain events against the aggregates. These events were used to rehydrate aggregates, notify subscribed process managers of any changes to the domain, and to generate the read models.