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Case Study

Durable Real-time Messaging

Key Tech



One of our clients challenged us to take the messaging aspects of HEDGD OMS to the next level, requesting fast and durable delivery of new orders, status changes, and comments to all connected apps. We work best under pressure and were able to quickly deliver a new messaging layer based on Azure Service Bus.

The new architecture took advantage of multiple service bus queues for reduced latency and increased durability, and utilised Notification Hub for delivery to the iOS test apps. The project also gave us the opportunity to build a timeline report which drilled into the data surfaced by the tests.

The project culminated with a cross site test using custom apps running in London and Switzerland to simulate high volume activity. We knew we’d nailed it when we were on a call to the Swiss office and could hear the notification bells chiming in unison with the machines running in London. 😎😎😎